Positive Modern Training Techniques

Harsh handling is not permitted during training and is strongly discouraged at any other time.

Training is force-free, also known as positive reinforcement or reward based training.

Group Classes and Private 121 Training sessions run in accordance with this Code of Practice; head collars, choke chains, check chains, prong collars, slip leads, retractable leads are not allowed in classes or to be used during training. Punitive methods are not permitted.

Instead of correcting dogs when they get something wrong, in modern dog training we reward them when they get something right. Modern dog training uses a system of positive reinforcement, to modify the behaviour of a dog through controlling the consequences of its behaviour.   Like people, dogs learn new ways to respond through the consequences of their actions. The focus is on reinforcing behaviours we like, rather than correcting behaviours that we don’t like. This enables us to train dogs without any force or physical contact.

A dog trained using positive reinforcement is a confident dog. He has no reason not to be as he is constantly being set up to win.  If you own a dog who is nervous, frightened or shy, training using positive reinforcement becomes much safer and there’s a much higher chance of success because the dog is not being put through the stress of being physically manhandled.  Confidence is very important in dogs. It lowers stress levels and reduces the risk of aggression.

Leadership: as a dog guardian, you are responsible for his or her well-being along with everything he or she does.  You must provide him/her with the correct training for him/her to grow into a well balanced happy adult dog.