Recall Programme

Is your dog running off whilst walking off-lead and are you struggle to get your dog to come back to you?  This is one of the biggest struggles that dog owners have.  As you’re here, I’m guessing this is a struggle which you need help with.  You’re not alone, so well done for taking the first of many steps towards resolving the problem.  

Dogs choosing other things in the environment, rather than you, can appear to have selective hearing.  Does your dog run off to do any of the following:

Play with or chase other dogs
Chase birds, bunnies & squirrels
Jump up at strangers
Sound familiar?

  As dogs grow older they usually slow down and want to hang out with you more.  However,  until that time it’s essential for safety that your dog is trained to recall to you if you plan to take your dog on off-lead walks.  If your dog doesn’t return to you when asked, he/she should be kept on-lead until it’s safe.

  We all hope to have our dogs for 10-15+ years, so the sooner this problem is resolved, the sooner you can enjoy off-lead walks together.  Here on the North Norfolk Coast we have some of the best places in the country for enjoyable dog walks.

If you find off-lead walks stressful, this can have a negative impact on your relationship.

There’s no question that training dogs to reliably recall can be incredibly frustrating, and progress can sometimes be slow.  However, with lots of patience and consistency that dream walk with rapid recalls is achievable.

Training Programme:
  • *Solo 121 training (18 hours)
  • 1 x Meet & Greet 
  • 4 days for 4 weeks (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) training sessions
  • 1 x follow-up
  • Video records (if safety isn’t compromised)
  • Educational book
  • Training treats
  • Treat pouch
  • Training long line
  • Clicker x 2
    *owner/s must be present for at least 4 sessions

Equipment needed:

  • Flat collar with name tag
  • Harness (2 clip points)
  • Double ended lead
  • Tug toys x 2

This is not suitable for aggressive or reactive dogs.