Private 121 Training

Private 121 training sessions are tailored to you and your dog. During our first session we will talk in detail about any existing issues and what you want to gain from the training sessions going forward. The advantage of 121 training sessions is that you will not be sharing your training consultant with several other people, as you would do in group classes. This time is 100% focused on you and your dog.

Duration: 60-90 minutes 
Location: training centre
Dogs age: all ages
Owner/s: present for each session

You may want to train for the fun of it, keeping your dog’s brain stimulated. You can teach your dog new tricks, training exercises, games & brain games.

Regardless of your dogs age, all dogs benefit from on-going training.

Note: Lead walking and/or Recall programmes available. 



I offer Private 121 Training sessions to you whilst you holiday in North Norfolk.

I’m happy to train at your holiday home or I welcome you to come along to the training centre. 

One off session – £55.00

3 training sessions – £145.00
To be used within 4 weeks from when the first session has been booked
Many hotels & holiday home owners stipulate that dogs must not be left home alone.  
Sometimes our dogs can be a bit of a tie.  If you need a break from each other perhaps consider my ‘drop & shop’ service (April – September only).