As first time owners of a lively flat coat retriever we sought out Martina to help us maximise our enjoyment with our new puppy. Martina is incredible; her positive training methods and eclectic tips from all her years of experience are invaluable to us. Not least her boundary training for a very food motivated dog! Martina travels to us and the training is very much a family activity. In following Martina’s methods, our puppy, Scout is becoming the most wonderful, obedient and well behaved dog but keeping all of her spirit and personality. Thank you Martina, it’s a journey we will continue for the rest of Scout’s life.
Rachel and Scout
Flatcoat Retriever
Martina, you are very friendly in your approach and consistently so, and you speak in a very owner friendly way . You encourage questions and clarification and you are very approachable. You give everyone in class a chance to share and speak. Your teaching is always very relevant and you simplify everything which is quite a skill and you are very easy to listen to. You clearly really understand dogs as all your instructions and training works, and you handle dogs with great ease. It feels like you are at one with dogs and really understand them and the challenges owners face; you are always able to reassure and have a good response that deals with any challenge. Your approach is always with kindness to the dog above all which is really important to me. I never feel judged in my handling or if I don’t get a skill immediately. It’s a great training facility and the best training I have attended for all of the above reasons. I think the classes offer real value for money as they are enjoyable and work; I have seen Tigi really come on and you are very patient in that you don’t mind when Tigi digs up the facility!
Bo and Tigi
Martina trained my 18 month Australian Labradoodle whilst we were in Norfolk for the summer. The facilities are excellent, and she is very careful about sanitising and keeping everyone safe in line with Covid-19 guidelines. I have used a few different trainers and Martina is by far the best. She uses current training methodology and is very relatable and relevant. Her approach is really inclusive and she makes you feel confident (even when you are making lots of mistakes). I have been trying to get my dog to lie down on command for a year. She managed to nail it in half an hour! She is a five star, first class trainer.
Michelle and Reggie
Australian Labradoodle
I’ve had two Private 121 Sessions with Martina, which have been enjoyable for both my puppy and me, as well as very instructive. This is my second Labrador, and I thought I knew a bit about training. I just wanted help with a few puppy issues like biting and lead pulling. At our first meeting Martina spent a while talking to me about modern dog training methods, and introducing new (to me) concepts, which I really welcomed. She also gave me a book to read called Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy. I loved the book, and went on to read another one she mentioned about canine enrichment. I was surprised by how dog training principles have advanced. Martina explains the ideas very clearly, making it easy to learn new training techniques. She is careful not to overwhelm with new ideas and instructions, but I can see how they all build together. I’m delighted with the results and can really see the improvements in my puppy’s behaviour. I will certainly continue with all the methods Martina has shown me so far, and look forward to getting onto more advanced concepts. I really like that everything is based on rewarding for good behaviour/choices. The emphasis being on good behaviour rather than unwanted behaviour. It’s a fair and gentle way to teach, and it seems to work.
Penny & Willa
I warmly recommend ‘North Norfolk Dog Training’ where boisterous cockerpoo Monty and I attended 5 out of the 6 enjoyable, relaxed and productive sessions. Martina is calm and welcoming to all, and (luckily in our case) endlessly patient. I picked up many useful tips on training plus insights into dog psychology. Each session was followed up with clear handouts on the training covered together with helpful advice on related issues (such as harnesses) and the occasional recipe for healthy dog treats.
Anne and Monty
Figgy is a rescue Pup and needed help with several behaviours including learning how to play! Watching Martina teach was like watching magic!! We so look forward to our sessions each week and it was a revelation to learn that I needed as much training as Fig! Learning how to teach has been invaluable.
Francesca and Figgy
Tilly, our year old Springer Spaniel, has been a challenge! She’s our third Springer and much the liveliest and most challenging. In the first month following her arrival we seriously wondered if we’d bitten of more than we could manage. Having heard about Martina’s training we enlisted her help with taming Tilly and organised regular sessions at our home with her. Though not an instant success, over several months, Tilly responded really well to the individual training routines and commands, such as settle, come, food manners, drop, and paws up, but most impressively, her behaviour around the house, when meeting other dogs and people was massively improved. In fact she loved the sessions and thoroughly enjoyed the times when Martina visited and also our own follow up training sessions. We followed up the initial run of personal training with a group session at Martina’s new base, another excellent and worthwhile experience with regards to training in an environment with more distractions and socialising with other dogs. Out exercising Tilly is very friendly and well behaved with other dogs and their owners and we’re regularly told how well trained she is - a first in many years of dog ownership! Thank you Martina!
Jeremy and Tilly
Springer Spaniel
Martina at North Norfolk Dog Training was recommended to us by various other people. Some that had used her service before and others that had just heard what a great reputation she has. We took our puppy Dudley along for a 1-2-1 and were delighted with Martina's friendly and relaxed approach to training. She gave us some good advice, answered questions we had and we practiced a handful of training techniques too. We were so impressed we have decided to sign up to the 6 week classes too. We would definitely recommend Martina to our friends and those looking for someone to ensure their puppy is given the best possible start with their training .
Hayley and Dudley
I take our Trixie a 15mth old cocker spaniel to Martina for group classes. Martina is a very easy person to get along with and share any worries you have about your dog. We have 4 in our class, which works very well. I must say Martina likes all dogs to be happy. There's never any pressure - I don't always practice as much as I should but we love the classes, and I learn something every week. We also get emails from Martina with reminders of what we have learned, which are very helpful. The training centre is very well laid out and very welcoming.
Dianne and Trixie
Working Cocker Spaniel