A Life With Dogs

Hi, I’m Martina and I want to share a bit about myself with you….
For as long as I can remember I have had a natural affinity with dogs.  Dogs have always been a part of my life; Boxers, Great Dane, Patterdale Terriers, and most recently the Newfoundland (Newfie).

When I think back over the years, even back to my childhood before my parents allowed me to have my first dog, I’ve always been drawn towards making friends with dogs.  If there was a dog in the vicinity, that’s where you would have found me – same now actually!

In 2008 my partner, Nick, and I rescued a Newfoundland called Kodi (we renamed him Blakey). This is when I gained a ‘new-found’ appreciation and understanding of how important it is to ‘properly’ train dogs.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always trained all of my dogs as best as I could within my knowledge, but it was a real eye opener to take on a dog who had only received very limited training.   Blakey was the first dog we had ever rescued.  We spent a long time training and helping him adjust to his new life with us in Norfolk.  Blakey hadn’t been trained by his previous owners and was a big 70+kg rambunctious boy. It was then that I developed a real passion for wanting to help people to get the very best out of their dogs, and so my desire to work within the field of dog training and behaviour began.  In 2016 I decided to aim for my dream job and I began my formal education in studying dog training and behaviour.  In my first year of studying to become a dog trainer, I attended classes which were run by David Brice DipCABT/CAPBT/IMDT, with my own puppy. David then kindly gave me the valuable learning opportunity of assisting in his weekly puppy classes, and I continue to work with him today.  I also assisted in a second weekly class with another local dog trainer, this was classes for puppies and also rescue dogs.  I learnt so much from this hands-on experience and feel very grateful and fortunate to have been able to learn from two very experienced and highly respected trainers in my area.  

Previously I worked within the travel industry (28 years) and for the majority of that time I supervised and managed teams of people.  The most important transferable skills I have gained from my travel career is how to communicate with people on all levels, how to train in a way that everyone can understand, and to instil confidence in people. The ability to train people in an empathetic way is, in my opinion, the most valuable skill of all.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your dog. I train with the aim of helping you to achieve a happy life with your well-mannered dog, who should be a valued member of the family.

Continuing Professional Development
I continue to train via The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) plus other professional training organisations who support kind and ethical training methods. It’s important to always further expand my knowledge, and I consider on-going training to be invaluable for keeping myself well informed and up-to-date with all aspects of modern dog training and behaviour.